Latest Release: Award-Nominated 'Live at Snug Harbor'

Live at Snug Harbor

Brad Walker

This was recorded LIVE in front of a packed house at one of the great jazz clubs in the world: Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro, right in here in New Orleans, LA, the birthplace of American music. We were not planning to release this, and only recorded the show for reference. During the very first song I realized that something special was happening this night, and kept my fingers firmly crossed that the audio would be high-enough quality to do an official release. We are eternally grateful to engineer David Farrell for his incredible work restoring these tracks and making them sound so pristine.

There are no overdubs, and little or no post-production other than simple mixing and reverb. Any edits made were for time considerations. Our goal was to present the absolute best of a wonderful night of music in as close a form as possible to how it was originally experienced by the audience.

‘Samurai’, ‘Pilgrim’, and ‘Horizon’ are original compositions of mine, and can be heard on various studio records I’ve released over the past five years, as can Bon Iver’s ‘Towers’ and Collin Walcott’s ‘Lullaby’ (I believe that all of my studio records are represented here somewhere). ‘Sept’, also known as ‘But When Do We Eat?’, is a composition written by my good friend Jean-Yves Jung, the stellar French organist who I know through Brian Seeger’s ‘Organic Trio’, who I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with on numerous occasions. ‘Never Odd Or Even’ was penned by our pianist Oscar Rossignoli, a dear friend for almost a decade now. I knew as soon as I heard the Extended trio perform it that it was something I wanted to tackle with my group, and we added the twist of variable groupings for the freely improvised solo sections. And ‘Oliloquy Valley’, borrowed from the great master Herbie Hancock, fills out the record. Standard rep doesn’t play a huge part in the life of this group, but we chose to include this one as a nod to the lineage of Black American Music from which we have found so much inspiration. We certainly felt inspired on this particular evening.
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From Sound to Silence: Samurai (Pre-Release Single)

Brad Walker

Special PRE-RELEASE single from our upcoming STUDIO record 'From Sound to Silence'.

Check out this compelling performance of Brad's original composition 'Samurai', featuring New Orleans standouts Brian Seeger (gtr), Oscar Rossignoli (pno), Nathan Lambertson (bs), AJ Hall (dr), guest Michael Skinkus (perc), and Brad Walker on tenor saxophone and electronic effects.

Mixed and co-produced by brilliant Grammy-winning engineer Steve Reynolds, and mastered by Loyola University professor Jeff Albert. Art by Wisconsin and Louisiana-based visual artist Kel Mur. Recorded at the legendary Dockside Studios in Maurice, LA by Steve Reynolds and Justin Tocket, with additional recording done at Studio 101 in New Orleans, LA by Brian Seeger.
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