Extended + Brad Walker: Concert Film 'Live at Esplanade Studios' Premiere!

Extended and I are absolutely DELIGHTED to share this first preview of our ongoing collaboration — and to announce that we will be doing a ticketed, in-person premiere of our debut concert film at the Jazz Museum on May 27th (!!). We couldn’t be more excited to share this work with all of you.

The film was recorded this January at Esplanade Studios, directed by Varvara Degtiarenko, and mixed by Brian Seeger, and features brand-new compositions developed together during some of the darkest periods of the Covid-19 shutdown. For this preview we selected five one-minute excerpts, representing some of our favorite moments from the session, and highlighting each member as both composer and performer.

The in-person screening will also feature a live performance and interactive Q&A, moderated by the great David Kunian, followed by a screening of the full film. A link to tickets is listed below — space will be limited, so please don’t hesitate to pick yours up now!